Guttation. Baby don’t cry.

Is it because of that tearjerker of a film last night? Is it that freshly chopped onion? No, it’s not… it’s guttation. Guttation is the appearance of water droplets at the tips of the leaf, also known as the ‘weeping plant’ phenomenon. Your amigos can sometimes behave mysteriously, making you wonder whether they are doing well or not. We have dug in and are happy to share with you exactly what is going on!

Breathe a sigh of relief
I see you looking doubtful; did I make my amigo cry? I’ll reassure you straight away. Guttation is not harmful for your green friend! Pfoe, that must be a relief. However, these water droplets can leave unsightly stains on your floor or furniture, so beware.

Oh gut(tation)!
The word ‘guttation’ has been bandied about a few times, but what does it mean exactly? Your babies take in water with their roots and evaporate it again through their leaves. At night, the pores of these leaves are closed and your amigo evaporates no water, while the roots still absorb water. This causes an overpressure of moisture in the plant. The moisture is forced out through the pores, to lose the excess moisture. These pores are in the tip of the leaf, where you can see the water droplets forming.

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