How to cut a Calathea?

Calathea who? Quite a special name, but this plant species deserves it! With their beautiful colours and unusual leaf patterns, Calatheas are real eye-catchers in the interior. Isn’t it time to propagate your friend? Taking cuttings has never been easier!

Nice to take cuttings, but what do you need to do it?

A Calathea Orbifolia a.k.a. Isabella, a Calathea Zebrina a.k.a. Olivia, a Calathea Rufibarba a.k.a. Julia or another topper from our cosy Calathea collection!

Small cutting pot
Cuttings soil
And a bit of patience.
Parents to be
Before you start taking cuttings, it is good to see if your amigo is ready for it. Fortunately, you can find this out fairly quickly with one of these rascals from the Calathea family. These toppers produce new plant babies of their own accord; small copies of the mother plant. They do this as follows: Calatheas create new stems under the soil. After a while these stems emerge above ground (real powerhouses). These new stems are ideal for cutting. So, are there new stems in your pot? Then your plant is a real mommy or daddy to be!


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